Schermata 2014-09-16 alle 13.11.53I lead the postgraduate module Functional neuroanatomy on MSc Neuroimaging and teach in other graduate and undergraduate modules at the Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology, Faculty of Biological, Medical and Health Sciences, The University of Manchester.

I have been faculty at the Social Cognitive Neuroscience – Scone 2014 summer school at the SISSA (Trieste, 2014), at the International Max Planck Research School (Leipzig, 2010 and 2011), and in the course of Comparative Anatomy at the University of Trieste (2001, 2002).

I have supervised undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows (Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, University of Wuerzburg, School for Advanced Studies in Pavia and University of Manchester).

TMS1Students’ feedback: 
“I think Luca’s interactive approach was helpful as it got us talking and interacting with each other for us to fully understand the concepts being presented”. “One of the best lecturers I’ve had. Really knowledgable and always willing to help. He really wanted us to understand the material and do well in the exam”.

“I enjoyed Luca Ticini’s lectures the most. His approach to teaching has helped my learning. The slides were clearly organised, points explained. The mini quiz at the end of the lecture was excellent. It provided him with feedback about what aspects of the lecture students understood and was useful for me as It highlighted aspects of the lecture I did not understand”.