I delivered 56 scientific and public talks:


-7 April 2017: Milan furniture fair (Salone del Mobile), Milano, Italy (link)
-17 March 2017: University of Bologna, Italy (leaflet)
-Feb. 7: Center for Excellence on Neurodegenerative disorders, University of Milano, Italy (leaflet)


-Il Bello dell’Italia, Trieste, Italy (Link) (Article, in Italian) (Video in Italian)
-Conference of the International Association of Empirical Aesthetics, University of Vienna, Austria (Link)
-Manchester Town Hall, Manchester, UK (Link)
-British Science week, Manchester, UK


-Fondazione Maramotti (Max Mara), Reggio Emilia,  Italy (leaflet) (photo)
-Cognitive Neuroscience & Neurology meeting, Manchester, UK
-University of Liverpool, UK (Link)
-School of Psychological Sciences. Manchester, UK
-Department of Basic Psychological Research and Research Methods Colloquia, University of Vienna, Austria (Link)

-Center of Excellence on Neurodegenerative Diseases, Brain Awareness Week, Univ. of Milano (I)
-Dance National Center, Paris (F)
-Rotary Club Trieste (I)
-Conference Materia e Psiche, Trieste (I) (leaflet)
-University of Udine (Urgesi), Udine (I)

-Center of Emotion, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital (Jouvent), Paris (F)
-Brain and Spine Institute – ICM (Pessiglione), Paris (F)
-University La Sapienza (Aglioti), Rome (I)
-Fondazione Bracco, Milan (I) Photo1 Photo2
-University of St Andrews (Brown), St Andrews (UK)
-University of Reading (Riddel), Reading (UK)
-International Conference on Spatial Cognition, Rome (I)
-Italian Institute of Culture – Italian Embassy, Paris (F)
-RETI-Incontri straordinari di Musica, Scienza, Poesia, Rome (I)

-International School for Advanced Studies – SISSA (Rumiati), Trieste (I)
-Italian Institute of Culture – Italian Embassy, Berlin (D)
-University Pompeu Fabra (Soto-Faraco), Barcelona, (E)
-Maastricht University (Uludag), Maastricht (NL)
-Opening talk, International festival of theatre and culture for early childhood. Promoted by the European Network for the diffusion of performing art for early years, Bologna (I)
-Foundation Corriere della Sera, Milan (I)
-Stili di vita, salute e cultura: per un nuovo welfare, Museo della Scienza, Milan (I)

-University of Bologna (Ferrari), Bologna (I), 2010
-Color: from light to perception. Fondazione Roberto Capucci, Florence (I), 2010
-INSERM (Farnè), Lyon (F), 2009

-Color: from light to perception. Fondazione Roberto Capucci, Florence (I)
-King’s college (Catani), London (UK)
-Plenary lecture, International Congress Human Functionality in Perspective: devising New Pathways, Expanding Horizons, under the patronage of the Prime Minister, Lisbon (P)

-PERception and ACTion Symposium, Tübingen (D)
-Congress Art, Brain and Language, University of Lisbon (P) (leaflet)
-Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research, Tübingen (D)

-NeNa Conference for Junior Neuroscientists, Allgäu (D), 2006
-PERACT symposium, Tuebingen (D), 2006
-Seminar on Art and Science, Bergamo (I), 2005
-Festival of Science, Lugano (CH), 2005
-Neuroscience café, Le Neuroscienze: Arte, Scienza e Benessere, Trieste (I), 2005
-1st conference of Neuroaesthetics, Academy of Arts, Reggio Calabria (I), 2004
-Introduction to Neuroscience. Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico, Trieste (I), 2004
-Human Evolution,Faculty of Sciences, University of Trieste (I), 2001 and 2002
-4th International Cave Bear Symposium, University of Ljubljana (SLO), 1998
-Circolo Sottufficiali, Trieste (I), 1998
-Seminar on paleontology. Università della Terza Età, Trieste (I), 1997
-Circolo delle Assicurazioni Generali, Trieste (I), 1997
-International Meeting “Man and Bear”, University of Grenoble (F), 1997